Where Do We Fish?

In the water (ha-ha).  No, seriously, because of the huge amount of lakes and rivers in our area, Gilbass Guide Service travels quite a bit, checking out many "fish stories" so you don't have to.  If we hear of a "hot lake", we go and check it out, making sure that the stories are true.  In the process, we've narrowed our area (and number of waters fished) to a select few. We feel that it's more important to know a body of water intimately than have a huge list of lakes we guide on, so here is a list of waters that we do go to:

  • Boom Lake - Oneida County
  • Carroll Lake - Oneida County
  • Crescent Lake - Oneida County
  • Dam Lake - Oneida County
  • Lake George - Oneida County
  • Lake Julia - Oneida County
  • Kentuck Lake - Vilas County
  • Kilarney Lake - Lincoln County
  • Manson Lake - Oneida County
  • Mohawksin Lake – Lincoln County
  • Lake Alice – Lincoln County
  • Lake Nokomis - Lincoln County
  • Sand Lake - Oneida County
  • Stella Lake - Oneida County
  • Thunder Lake - Oneida County
  • Wisconsin River - Lincoln & Oneida Counties


Please note that this list is constantly being added to or deleted from, depending on the latest fishing successes.  Conditions change all the time due to fishing pressure, weather conditions, water levels, etc., so maybe what was hot last month isn't too great now.  Please contact us for current info.