What Do We Fish For?

Basically, if it has fins and a mouth, we'll catch it.  Bass fishing (both largemouth and smallmouth) is still virtually untouched here in the Northwoods.  All of the guides have their own personal preferences (for me it's a toss up between Bass and Muskies), but we guide for Muskies, Walleyes, Northern Pike, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass.  Heck we've even guided for panfish.

Many of our clients really don't care what they catch, they just want to feel a "tug" on their line.  So talk to us, whether you're a novice or expert, we can custom tailor a trip just for YOU.

Some of our best walleye fishing comes either early in the year or late.  If you can handle the weather, we usually start walleye fishing in April or May with the spring spawning run.
Trophy Muskies trip your trigger?  Well, we fish many bodies of water where your chance of catching a 50 inch or greater musky are pretty good. Haven't managed to boat that legal yet?..... Not a problem, we have lakes in our arsenal that have good populations of 35 - 40" fish.  Muskies are never easy but we always do our best to get some "musky slime"on your hands.
The Bass Bug has bit?  How about fishing standing timber, just like the T.V. guys do?  We fish some water that looks more like a southern bass lake, and the bass run big.  We've caught bass while throwing musky plugs, that's how big our bass can get.
We fish an area that has huge numbers of 17 - 20 inch smallmouth bass and you'll have a legitimate chance at 22 inches or larger SMALLMOUTH BASS!!  I mean, we're talking bass up to (or over) 6 POUNDS.  Our arms were sore from battling these bruisers (so were our faces from smiling so much).  O.K., so there's smallmouth bass there, but what else?
Do BIG Pike get your juices flowing?  While throwing for smallies, I've battled some pike that made me weak in the knees.  So far, the largest I've been able to land has been a measly (?) 36 inches but I know there are larger ones out there.